Friday, February 9, 2018

Favorite Places and Things

This girl keeps me on my toes...constantly learning new things.
(a.k.a. getting into and reaching new things)

Makes me a little crazy sometimes, but it is funny to catch her doing 
her own things and returning to her favorite spots around the house.

She LOVES the pantry. 
By pushing a stool in there she is able to grab her favorite snacks and bring them to me. 
You would think that I never feed her at the rate that she brings 
fruit snacks and applesauce pouches, hoping that I will open them for her.

Boxes...any box will do.
She will empty the contents and either sit or stand in them.

Hazel loves being outside, so keeping her in during this cold winter has been tough.
She likes to hang out by the front door when there is something interesting to watch.

She has gotten tall enough to get up on her own, 
so sometimes she likes to climb up and rock herself.

She likes climbing all the way into this kitchen cupboard.
Sometimes she even takes snacks along with her while she plays with mixers and gadgets.

The front window also works pretty well for viewing the outside world.

Why not plop in the middle of the kitchen to look at books?

Hazel's hair is about ten different lengths right now, so we do what we can with it.
She actually seems to like standing in front of the mirror while I do it, 
especially if the girls are getting ready at the same time.

She is busy and messy, but we sure love her.

Thursday, February 8, 2018


The many faces of Hazel on a Thursday morning...

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Graham's Happy Place

Just a quick stop at our local bakery.

I love that his smile matches his cookie.

Art and Science Fair

Clara and Sadie worked hard to put together their projects for the fair. They each came up with their own idea and worked with Josh to bring it all together.

Sadie wanted to use her new microscope to explore different things around the house. She compared similar items, and also picked things of interest to see what she could learn about them from up close.

Clara wanted to create a hedgehog out of string art. She chose an image from online, then used computer programs to distinguish different areas and make her design. She was proud to display her finished work along with the steps she took to complete it.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Birthday Party with Friends

When we told Sadie that she could have a birthday party with friends this year she was definitely excited! We talked about different ideas, but mostly Sadie just wanted to paint. So we had several friends over for an art party. Complete with aprons to decorate, canvases to paint, pizza to eat, and games to play. It was a cute afternoon and fun to interact with some of Sadie's friends.

Graham and Clara were happy to join the fun.

First we decorated some painting aprons 
so that hopefully the girls wouldn't go home messy.

Then we pulled out the paints.
I loved watching everyone come up with a different idea.

A few of the kids tried the idea of putting painting tape on their canvas.
Once the paint dried, we removed the tape to create interesting designs.

 After we played a few games, Sadie opened her gifts.

Her friends were cute and thoughtful, 
each excited to tell Sadie about what they had picked.

It was a fun afternoon to celebrate Sadie one more time.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Snow Day

It actually happened. We got a snow day.

Monday gave us a large snow storm with ugly road conditions. Buses had a terrible time getting kids home from school. Luckily, Josh had been able to leave work early so he checked the girls out of school early as well. Then the schools decided to cancel Tuesday. The kids were thrilled! It was actually sunny and quite pleasant. A perfect day to play in the new snow piles and have extra time with Grandma and Grandpa before they had to fly home.

The girls were outside for hours digging tunnels through the deepest piles.

We decided to take a break from the cold and go out for some lunch.
There was some very serious lunch menu coloring...

And then the kids were back at it as soon as we got home. 
This time they pulled out the snowshoes and wandered around the circle.

It was a beautiful day. And perfect timing to have them home 
while Grandma and Grandpa were here. We were so glad for their visit!


This girl continues to be happy, curious, creative and sweet.

She loves school...especially math and is reading anything she can get her hands on.
She is often coming up with pretend worlds to play in with Clara and Graham,
whether it has a school, or includes dragons or fairies, or takes place under the sea.
She is my official cornbread maker and frequent kitchen helper.
She loves any art and crafts project she can get her hands on.
She is thoughtful and kind. She often helps others get out of their bad moods.

We are so glad she is in our family.

Sadie's Favorite Things at Eight Years Old

Favorite color: Indigo
Favorite game or activity: Rollerblading
Favorite animal: Duckling
Favorite movie: Maleficent
Favorite TV show: Wild Kratts
Favorite food: Grassy Chicken
Favorite treat: Graham crackers
Favorite book: Land of Stories
Best Friends: Grace, Lucy, Abeni
Favorite thing to do with Dad: Wrestle
Favorite thing to do with Mom: Give hugs
Favorite thing to do with Clara: Play downstairs and rollerblade
Favorite thing to do with Graham: Make him laugh
Favorite thing to do with Hazel: Toys, toys and more toys
Favorite thing to do outside: Dig snow tunnels
Favorite thing to do inside: Rollerblade
What I want to be when I grow up: Marine Biologist or a nurse
Favorite thing I did this year: Swimming at the Y
What is going to be great about being 8: Activity Days

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sadie's Baptism

Sadie has been checking the calendar each day for a while now. And not just as the regular countdown to birthday. She has been eagerly waiting to be baptized. Plans have been in the works for this day for months. We found a special dress last fall and took some pictures at Tamarack Nature Center before the weather turned cold. 

We have been talking about baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost on Sunday afternoons, and in family home evening lessons, and in quiet conversation at bedtime. We have talked about choices, and what to expect, and why it is special. We have talked about testimonies, and scriptures, and promises. This sweet girl has never wavered about what she wanted.

When the time came to get dressed and get to the church,
you could tell she felt special all the way down to her toes.

Since her birthday landed on a Saturday, she was excited that she could have her baptism on the same day. A special day became even more meaningful. And to top it off, both set of grandparents came into town to be with us. Sadie was thrilled to have grandmas help with the program and grandpas to be witnesses when it was time to be in the font and to stand in the circle when she was confirmed.

Sadie and Devin have become good friends since we moved here.
They were both excited at the idea of being baptized on the same day.

Always worth trying to get a good family picture.
Especially on days like this.

I loved helping Sadie right after she came out of the font. 
She couldn't stop smiling and telling me how good she felt.
And she couldn't wait to get changed and ready to be confirmed.

We are so proud of this girl.
She has such a kind heart and so much faith.
What a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday Sadie!

This had been a VERY eagerly anticipated birthday!
Not only did Sadie have presents, balloons, and treats to look forward to, 
but she had Grammy, Papa, Grandma and Grandpa visiting for the weekend.
We were all feeling very lucky!

Morning presents were a hit...

The afternoon was filled with exploring new art kits and games 
and preparing for her baptism...

The evening had the requested dinner and dessert. 
No complaints here when she told me that she wanted brownies and ice cream.

A truly wonderful day celebrating our Sadie Jane.