Thursday, April 5, 2018

Everyday things with Hazel

Hazel loves to climb up on this bench and watch the world outside. She will often bring a book or play with toys on the window ledge. These lego people are currently one of her favorite choices.

She seemed to be innocently hanging out with me the other day as I cleaned the bathrooms. But then she discovered how to climb up into the drawers. She seems to have grown just tall enough that nothing is safe anymore. If she wants to get somewhere and explore, she will find a way to do it.

It is obviously hard work to be Hazel. 
Sometimes you just have to get a cup of snacks and lounge for a while.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Happy Easter 2018!

This year our Easter was filled with phone calls to family,
watching General Conference, having a nice dinner, and even cupcakes.

Although the weather doesn't feel like spring, 
the kids still looked ready for some sunshine.

I've discovered that Hazel likes seeing herself on my phone screen.

These stools turned into entertainment while we watched conference. 
The kids sat in them, climbed on them, and fitted them with pillows and blankets. 
Whatever works, I guess.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Saturday Morning Stories

Just a Saturday morning...hanging out with each other and telling stories.
I've got pretty great kids!

Easter Egg Hunt

We were all excited for another Grandma created Easter Egg Hunt! With a busy week leading up to Easter, Friday looked the most promising. So the kids were good about staying out of sight in the afternoon while I hid the eggs for the different paths that would lead them to a fun surprise.

They sat still long enough for me to snap a picture of them with their first clues. 
You can tell that they were anxious to get started.

After that it was a crazy free for all as they raced around the house 
(and even outside a little bit) from one egg to the next.

Once Clara and Sadie were done with their hunt, they were eager to help Hazel.
And she was eager to eat a treat out of each egg.

New, cuddly bunnies for each of them.
They spent the night coming up with the perfect names.

Sadie and Biscuit

Clara and Ember

Graham and Sugar Blossom

It has been so fun to still have a "Grandma Egg Hunt" despite living many miles away. I'm going to have to fill in next year while they are on their mission, but we look forward to hearing about the Easter customs of Slovakia.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Hat Day

We couldn't let Opening Day for baseball...aka Hat Day...go by without a few pictures for Grandpa.
We wouldn't want him to think that we had forgotten.

It didn't take any convincing to get Graham to put on a hat and smile.
He even picked which picture he wanted to send Grandpa.

Then he shared his Orioles hat with Hazel so that she could be in on the fun.
Plus, he figured that Grandpa hadn't seen her in that hat before.

It was short lived...
He decided he needed it back and that he needed the sunglasses.
He is one cool dude!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Coloring Easter Eggs

I didn't feel like letting a one-year-old loose with bowls of egg dye sitting around, so I waited to pull things out until Hazel was in bed. She can join us next year.

It was fun to sit back and watch what each of the kids came up with. Some were covered with white crayon designs, some were carefully striped, and others became experiments in mixing colors. In the end, they each had a pile of unique eggs to call their own.

More School Events

The girls both had school events this week. First up, Clara had a music concert Monday night. Then Josh took some time off of work Tuesday so that I could join Sadie's class on a field trip.

Music concert
This had actually been rescheduled from our snow day a couple of weeks ago, so the students were eager to share what they had been working on for a while. There was a combination of singing and instruments by the fourth and fifth graders. This year Clara got to play the recorder, but next year she will get to play a ukulele.

Minnesota Center for Book Arts
What a fun field trip with Sadie! I knew a few of the kids in her class already, but it was fun to put more names to faces from the stories that she tells about her school days. After eating some lunch and talking a bit about different types of books, they kids got to create their own tunnel book. 

Watching some of the steps to create their books.

After creating their books, they learned more about paper and how it is made.
Then they got to make some of their own with special molds and prepared pulp.

Then they watched them press out the water. They will get their paper back in a while when it is finished. It was fun to spend a few hours with Sadie and see her with her friends and teacher.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Getting Ready for Church

Hazel actually likes getting ready in the morning. 
Especially brushing her teeth. It is pretty cute.


The girls have been so excited to participate in the school play of Oklahoma this year. They would come home from rehearsals singing and dancing. Sadie was a part of the little lassies group, while Clara was a townsfolk. After months of rehearsals, performance weekend finally came.

Clara in her cute red dress and flowers during the train station scene.
She was completely in character the whole time...and so cute.

Sadie in her dress and bonnet during the picnic scene.
She told me she had been nervous at first to go out on stage, 
but as soon as her parts were over she just wanted to be back out there.

My watching buddy. Rather than trying to keep Hazel happy for a performance, Josh and I decided to divide and conquer. And Graham had so much fun on Friday that he went the next night with Josh.

After the show was finished they both came out in costume for some quick pictures and hugs.
 We might have some little performers on our hands. They are already asking about doing it next year. It was fun to see their excitement!